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25th / November 2016

Keeping your Child’s Immune System strong

While little immune systems are growing it's considered normal for children to get a number of colds and infections per year which actually helps build stronger immune systems for later in life...Read More

12th / November 2016

10 Benefits of High Quality Daycare

It is important to enroll your child in a daycare that has the following characteristics; Routine & Structure, Stability & Reliability, Parent Support, Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum ...Read More

30th / October 2016

Why your child needs play time

Integration of free-play time for toddlers is beneficial not only for children’s development, but for improving performance in academic activities as well...Read More

16th / November 2016

Tips to help your child adjust to daycare

The preschool years are a time when parents and educators should focus on helping a child develop the tools they need to succeed before heading to formal schooling...Read More