Frequently Asked Questions

As part of our client feedback, we are happy to answer the commonly asked questions so as to always keep our clientelle informed. If the below question and answer section doesnt sort your query you are free to email, call or contact us via social media and we will be glad to answer any of your queries.

Question 1. Is it okay if my child comes and stays with the Nanny in Class?
We do not allow the child to come and stay with the Nanny in Class, simply because it doesn’t help the child to adjust to the daycare. We do however allow the child to come and visit the daycare as many times as needed prior to the Parent deciding to enroll the child. This helps the child to start adjusting so that the day he/she is left, the transition is a bit smoother.

Question 2. What modes of Discipline do you use on Children?
Victoria Kids Care strives to offer a safe and loving environment for every child. We encourage children to develop self-control and respect for the rights and individuality of others. To minimize conflict, much effort is taken to provide appropriate activities, to create an inviting environment, and to meet the individual needs of children. Still, conflict is natural occurrence in young children, as they learn to relate to one another in a group setting.
Behavior guidance is handled in a positive, caring manner. We emphasize redirection and positive alternatives, taking into consideration the situation, and the child’s needs and age. Teacher’s guide and model behavior, as needed. Under no circumstances will any form of physical punishment, confinement, abusive language, threats of other forms of mental or physical humiliation be used to discipline children. The withholding of food or forcing a child to eat is also prohibited.

Question 3. How long should a Parent wait before a child can feed themselves and start becoming independent?
Each and every child is different, our caregivers are trained in transitioning kids to be independent e.g. feeding themselves, potty-training etc step by step based on the child’s pace, once the child starts making progress we communicate with the Parents and update them so that there’s a lot of consistency at school and home. However the progress of the child, will be linked with the attendance and thus the more consistent a child is the better the progress

Question 4. What are the ratios of caregiver/child?
See table below

Infants 11months - 2yrs Junior Toddlers 2-3yrs Senior Toddlers 3-4 yrs Kindergarteners 4-6 yrs
Class Max. Size 20 25 25 25
Teacher / Child Ratio 1:4 1:5 1:6 1:10

Question 5. What packages do you offer?
See table below

Fees Structure

Item Cost
Registration (Non-Refundable Kshs. 3,000.00
Full Term (Toddlers Meals Included) Kshs. 45,000.00
Monthly (Toddlers Meals Included) Kshs. 15,000.00
Weekly (6 days within 2 weeks, Toddler Meals included) Kshs. 5,400.00
Daily Rate Kshs. 1,000.00
Hi Mama Mobile App Kshs. 500.00

Question 6.Are there discounts for having second siblings?
Yes there is a discount for more than one sibling * Sibling discount: 7% for 2nd child; 10% for 3rd child* – off-tuition

Question 7. What are the qualifications of the Caregivers?
Our Caregivers are trained in Early Childhood Development as well as CPR/First Aid.

Question 8. Does Victoria Kids Close?
We do not close our daycare program as it runs all year long, from Jan-Dec apart from weekends and Public Holidays.

Question 9.What do I need to be able to register my child?
In addition to the list below , we also require you to pack for your child an extra change of clothes, shoes, wipes, diapers, sweaters, jackets etc.

  • Copy of ID’s for both Guardians as well as passport photos
  • Copy of ID’s and passport photos for your Emergency Contact List.
  • Copy of child’s Birth Certificate/Notification
  • Copy of Immunization Records
  • Copy of child’s Insurance card (not a must)
  • Parent is also required to come and fill an application form along with an assessment of the child

Question 10. Do I have to pay for registration even if I want my child to come for one day?
Yes registration is Mandatory for all children even if you want just a few days.

Question 11. What modes of payment do you offer?

You can use the following options:
Account Name: Victoria Kids Care
Bank: National Bank
Branch: Mountain Mall Branch
Account Number: 01037082659700

Mpesa Till Number: 983412
Name: Victoria Kids Care

You can also pay Cash or using a cheque.