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When Victor was joining Victoria Kids Care, there are so many things that he didn’t know for example: He didn’t know ho to relate with his age mates. He could beat, pinch and bite them but now he hugs them and relates very nicely with them. He dint know how to talk but now he can express himself and sing so many songs. I like how the Management is concerned when Victor has an unusual behavior. Thank you Victoria Kids Care to your contribution to the development of Baby Victor.

Mama Victor

Good Evening. Trust you had a good weekend. Saw the card that was given to Sean, it was so beautiful it brought tears. We are so touched by the kind words and wishes. God bless you all as you continue nurturing our young ones.

Mama Sean

My girl Daphine is doing so well with great improvements in language, socialization and confidence. Thanks Victoria Kids Care for the good work.

Mama Daphine

I can vouch for this day care any day. My son loved it and still wants to go back there despite being older. :-) Good job Victoria and family.

Mama Brendan

Thanks Victoria kids was the best place i learnt for my daughter and my next child still comes there starting jan next year. Makayla wows people including her teachers in her current school todate because of her language skill, ettiquette and the amount of knowledge she has. She learnt potty training, sleeping habits and much wish i discovered it earlier i recommend this place to any parent Simply the best school for our child its just unequalled in many ways. Our child wakes up every morning looking forward to going to school.

Mama Makayla

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